Imagine owning your own Nature Reserve. Imagine owning land that links three mega reserves. Eden to Addo can help you with the process of declaring your land a Nature Reserve on condition it has conservation worthiness such as ecological integrity, biologically diversity and or has threatened or rare species and is within the Eden to Addo Corridor area. We can also assist you in sourcing the most spectacular conservation worthy land within the corridor areas.

Biodiversity is becoming a rarity. With time the value of biodiverse land is likely to increase. The type of vegetation found in the corridor is rare coastal forest, nama-karoo, fynbos and or thicket. These eco-regions cannot be re-created once destroyed. The animal life could possibly be bush buck, grysbok, caracal, leopard, honey badger, kudu and more. Black eagles also still occur in certain areas. The overall beauty is in the endless expanse of the landscape in this area. The photos on this web site are testimony to this. It is of course a malaria free area and never too far from the coastal areas.

There are a few possible scenarios with regard to purchasing land:

Scenario 1:

  • The donor donates funds to a trust fund held by E2A.

  • E2A has been approved in terms of Section 18a(1)(a) of the income tax act enabling donors to claim their donations as a tax deduction against their taxable income.

  • E2A identifies a parcel of land for purchase.

  • E2A forms a company for the purposes of purchasing the land.

  • E2A facilitates a protected area agreement with government.

  • Shares in the company are offered to the donors relative to the amount initially donated.

  • The price of the shares or membership will be such that management of the land, i.e. alien clearing is budgeted for.

  • Managing the land will increase its value.

  • Thereafter members or share holders can trade their investment as they see fit without affecting the protected status or ownership of the land.

Scenario 2:

  • E2A identifies a conservation worthy parcel of land within the corridor and offers it to the purchaser on condition that a conservation agreement is entered into to protect the land.

  • The land is purchased outright by the buyer.

  • E2A facilitates the declaration of a 99 year nature reserve agreement with government.

  • The purchaser is possibly able to claim 10% of the purchase price or value of the land, whichever is the lesser, as a tax deduction against their taxable income over 10 years.

  • The purchaser is also able to claim activities such as alien clearing as a tax deduction against their taxable income.

Please note that the owner will have to adhere to a management plan as prepared by a conservation agency and will not be able to fence off the protected area. The management plan will be audited yearly. It will be the owners prerogative wether he will allow the public on the nature reserve or not. Not all of the land need be declared a nature reserve. A portion of the land can be surveyed and sectioned off for other use.

The banking biodiversity project pertains to the section of our vision:

“To link three mega-reserves, namely the Garden Route National Park, The Baviaanskloof Mega Reserve and the Addo Elephant National Park by means of natural corridors to protect and restore the integrity of bio-diversity and eco-system functioning.”

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