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Eden to Addo

Eden to Addo
Hans Hoheisen Charitable Trust Jack and Jill Gerber Nussbaum Foundation Dr Robbie Robinson Lubner Family Charitable Foundation Obie Oberholzer Maryke Thomas The Tusker Ultra Trail Runners Waddels WWF South Africa Watch Hill Critical Ecosystem Partnerhip Fund Vivien Botha Brenda Gilbert Department of Environmental Affairs Diarmuid Baigrie Garden Route District Municipality Dr Peter Berning Tim Carr Rose Foundation Sjoerd de Boer Table Mountain Fund Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency Green Trust Eden to Addo Great Corridor Hikers Helga Hill Roddy Bray

Hans Hoheisen Charitable Trust

Pterocelastrus tricuspidatus

Jack and Jill Gerber

The Knysna Elephant, Loxodonta africana

Nussbaum Foundation

Blue duiker

Dr Robbie Robinson

Pelargonium ovale ssp veronicifolium

Lubner Family Charitable Foundation


Obie Oberholzer

Harveya hyobanchoides

Maryke Thomas

Tritonia securigera

The Tusker Ultra Trail Runners

Erica diaphana


Riversdale Bluebell Gladiolus rogersii

WWF South Africa

Leucadendron rubrum. dioecious

Watch Hill

Fabacea Psoralea (New Species)

Critical Ecosystem Partnerhip Fund

Bitterbushes Genus Selago

Vivien Botha

Disa spathulata ssp. spathulata

Brenda Gilbert

Knysna Loerie

Department of Environmental Affairs

Blue Crane

Diarmuid Baigrie

Anisodontea Scabrosa

Garden Route District Municipality

Lobelia coronopifolia (wild lobelia)

Dr Peter Berning

Tim Carr

Vivid dotted blue

Vivid dotted blue

Rose Foundation

Pelargonium reniforme ssp. velutinum

Sjoerd de Boer

Virgilia divaricata (oroboides, keurboom)

Table Mountain Fund


Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency

Cyclopia Intermedia

Green Trust

Eden to Addo Great Corridor Hikers

Syncarpha milleflora

Helga Hill

Sparrmannia africana

Roddy Bray