Eden to Addo’s primary goal is to assist and engage with landowners and stakeholders in identifying and developing a living corridor from Eden to Addo. By applying sound land-use practices and encouraging a diversity of environmentally sustainable livelihoods, the initiative aims to link ecologically important areas for the benefit of biodiversity and the extended community.


Eden to Addo Corridor Initiative is a registered Public Benefit Organisation Reg. No. 930025641 with 18A tax status

Rhian Berning – has a B.Sc. in Environmental and Geographical Science and is a passionate environmentalist, activist, educator and eco-entrepreneur. She founded Nature Network and Eco Atlas and has worked for over 20 years in the environmental field. Her focus is on interconnections, biodiversity, resilient ecosystems, job creation and social justice. 

E2A Corridor Co-ordinator
Dick Carr – has a B.Sc. in Botany and Zoology and is a highly experienced conservationist and extension officer with experience in both farming and biodiversity stewardship.

E2A Chairperson
Joan Berning – has a B.Sc. in Biochemistry and Zoology and over the last 40 years has been a successful farmer, business woman and CEO of Eden to Addo as well as a guide on the Eden to Addo Great Corridor Hike. She is also the Founder of Indalo Conservancy and Eden to Addo Corridor Initiative. 

E2A Director
Anna-Marie de Vos – is a practicing advocate with 33 years of experience. She obtained her LLB and LLM (Intellectual Property) at Unisa and joined the Pretoria Bar in 1985. She was granted silk in 1997 and appointed as a Judge on the North Gauteng High Court in 2001.

E2A Director

Ian Michler – is a graduate of the Sustainability Institute at Stellenbosch University and has spent over 30 years working across Africa as an environmental photojournalist, wilderness guide and ecotourism consultant. He has published nine books on topics ranging from natural history and travel in Africa to the current environmental crisis. He is also a Director of the award-winning feature documentary Blood Lions, and co-founder of Invent Africa Safaris.

E2A Director
Maphiko Mncedisi Ncedani – is a specialist in environmental education and theatre programmes, working in communities across the Garden Route and Karoo.

Advisor to the Board
Mike Bridgeford – former past Chairman of Birdlife South Africa.

Advisor to the Board
Halszka Hrabar – PhD Centre for African Conservation Ecology NMMU

Advisor to the Board – Environment and Economics
Myles Mander – Bachelor of Social Science Honours. National Diploma in Nature Conservation

E2A Member
Sue Swain – Member and Project Co-ordinator. Environmental Consultant to Plettenberg Bay Community Environment Forum. Biomimicry specialist.

E2A Member
Julie Carlisle – Director of the Garden Route Biosphere Reserve and Founder of the Bitou Valley Project.

E2A Member
Susan Campbell

E2A Member
Phumsile Sonjani – Outdoor Adventure Student instructor; Training Director Youth Futures Development and Training

E2A Member
Pam Booth – – B.Soc. Sci. Honours in Environmental Management – (UCT) 2000. Keen naturalist, mountain biker and mother of two.

E2A Past Founder Chairman
Dr. Robbie Robinson – PhD (Seattle USA), MSc (Stellenbosch), Former International Consultant for Protected Areas, Former Head of South African National Parks (SANParks) and former Head of Uganda Wildlife Service.

E2A Robberg Corridor Landowner Chairman RCCLA
Andrew Hill, a dairy Farmer within the Robberg Corridor (linking the Robberg Reserve to the Garden Route National Park), has committed to the identified corridor on his land by being a signatory to the Protected Environment Agreement. Chairman of the Robberg Coastal Corridor Stakeholders Association

E2A Robberg Corridor Landowner
Chris von Christierson – B.Com, Rhodes; MA, Cambridge; OPM, Harvard; Stakeholder of the Robberg Coastal Corridor Landowners Association; Founder/Trustee, WatchHill Foundation; Founder/Trustee, Mandela Magdelene College Scholarships to Cambridge University; Trustee, American University in Bulgaria; Patron, Emthonjeni Trust; Chairman, Mitra Energy Limited

E2A Skilderkrantz/Kromriver Corridor Landowner
Carol Blumenthal founded the 7800ha Skilderkrantz Private Nature Reserve. She is passionate about wild things and wild places. She wishes for a more just and harmonious society in which humanity learns to live with itself and all beings within the means of the planet. Interests include alternatives to the neoliberal economy, food growing and good writing and stories. Sometimes found in the Home Counties reluctantly posing as a veterinarian to obese spaniels while dreaming of leopards padding the wilds of Skilderkrantz.

E2A Skilderkrantz/Kromriver Corridor Landowner
George Ferreira is a committed landowner – Kromriver Nature Reserve.

“Protection and restoration of connectivity is not an artificial change to the landscape: rather it is the loss of connectivity and the isolation of natural environments that is the artefact of human land use (Noss 1991).”


To link three mega-reserves, namely the Garden Route National Park, The Baviaanskloof Mega Reserve and the Addo Elephant National Park by means of natural corridors to protect and restore the integrity of biodiversity and ecosystem functioning.



To assist and engage with landowners and all stakeholders to identify and develop a living corridor from Eden to Addo by applying sound land-use practices, encouraging a diversity of environmentally sustainable livelihoods and linking ecological important areas, for the benefit of biodiversity and the extended community



The Eden to Addo vision is based on the practical potential within the landscape connecting the Western and Eastern Cape of South Africa, but this vision is guided by a deeper question and dream: What if we could re-establish ancient elephant migration paths across the Cape, what then? What other wildlife will benefit and how will that restore the ecological balance of the region.