Endangered Wildlife Trust

Endangered Wildlife Trust

EWT makes a difference to last a lifetime
Saving the world from site to society

Dedicated to conserving the habitats of endangered wildlife, there’s nobody who knows better the meaning of hard work with a purpose than the EWT staff. The Endangered Wildlife Trust is renowned for their efforts in wildlife conservation. Their vision is a few simple words that anybody can get behind: “a healthy planet and an equitable world that values and sustains diversity of all life.”

EWT takes a diverse approach to conservation. They first examine possible key factors that threaten biodiversity in South African ecosystems. Then, they develop innovative methods and guidelines to reduce the effects of those factors. The result is a harmonious co-existence and sustainable lifestyle for all of South Africa’s living creatures – including us humans.

They’ve been awarded numerous accolades for their successes, even being selected for the highly prestigious UNESCO Sultan Qaboos Prize in 2013 for environmental preservation efforts. Thanks to people like EWT, conservation is no longer a niche interest. It’s a topic that is hot in the spotlight of political discussions, being shared across the lips of the most powerful politicians in the world.

Working with a variety of different habitats, EWT is “conservation in action”. They’re educated in every type of threatened populous, from the African Crane to the Western Leopard Toad. There are numerous ways that the average person can get involved with nature conservation the EWT way.

They publish various resources on their website, which can be found here. These resources can be used to educate oneself on local wildlife, and the problems that face it. You can also become an ambassador, make a donation, or help them raise money by purchasing through their eShop. You can also even become a member and keep up to date with the latest environmental and conservation news. However you go about it, Endangered Wildlife Trust is certainly an organization worthy of your attention.