This month’s spotlight: How SANBI is working towards restoring biodiversity.

South Africa is the third most biologically diverse country in the world, and this biodiversity richness is one of our greatest assets. This provides our country, and the world with services such as water purification, tourism, and fisheries, among many others.

As rich and diverse as the South African ecosystem may be, it’s still under threat. Destruction, extinction, climate change, we are not safe from all of these terrors. So you may wonder, is anyone doing something to stop this?

The answer is yes. SANBI – South African National Biodiversity Institute – is dedicated exclusively to keeping our biodiversity safe. They do this in many ways of which one example is the research they conduct in monitoring the state of biodiversity.

They educate, provide information, and advice companies on the best way forward in terms of biodiversity. SANBI don’t only work towards preventing destruction, they also engage in restoration and rehabilitating of ecosystems.

SANBI’s work covers all fronts when it comes to protect and restore biodiversity, so they deserve big support and love from all of us! To learn more about this incredible institution, you can visit their website at