SPOTLIGHT: Bucklands for a greener earth

Here at Eden to Addo, we realize that our venture is not a one-man-show. It’s an initiative that requires many hands, all working together towards the same goal. So, when somebody jumps on our wagon to help us bring ecological balance back to our region, it’s a big deal to us!

One such pair of hands, well, many pairs, are the fine people of Bucklands. Bucklands is a family owned and operated farm that puts our green earth first. By running eagle and leopard conservation programs and practicing ecological methods in all their production, Bucklands makes themselves a first line of defence between the earth and her creatures and those who wish to destroy it.

Our favourite thing about Bucklands, though, is their will to share their message with tourists and travellers. Bucklands is a “road less travelled” destination that entertains guests, treats them to rustic beauty, and shows that eco-friendly doesn’t have to be synonymous with “sacrifice”. Like Eden to Addo, Bucklands is giving a little good back to earth, and we couldn’t be more grateful for their efforts!

Businesses like Bucklands and Eden to Addo aren’t alone in making our initiative. Are you with us?