The Eden to Addo Great Corridor Hike 2018 is all about conservation, hike with an exclusive group 1st to 22nd September 2018.

I’m sure you have heard of the fund raising  350+km  Eden to Addo Great Corridor Hike that occurs every year in September? But if you haven’t or  if you are thinking of entering, please read on.

This hike is unique.   Its probably the longest continuous slack packing hike in South Africa. The 20 days spent walking in nature allows for a sustained awareness of the interrelatedness between you and the rest of nature. Nowhere else can you walk  through such bountiful variety that nature has to offer from forest, to fynbos, to succulant karoo, to nama karoo and ending in thicket. Imagine the lush forest with tree ferns where South Africa’s last truly free elephants still roam and then the desert like karoo with its wide open spaces. Its unique because there are no fences holding the  mountain zebra, buffalo black rhino  and all wild life caged in. And while you walk you are contributing to Eden to Addo’s conservation work, establishing corridors allowing for free movement of all species between the three parks we traverse.  And only Eden to Addo has access to the privately owned land and corridors connecting the parks.

This hike is tough.  Hiking on average 15-20km per day requires perseverance both mental and physical. The 350++ kilometers does not follow an organised trail. At times you may have to bundu bash. There are many mountains to climb and rivers to forge.  It can be freezing cold when it rains in the mountains or super hot when crossing the semi desert.  The feet take strain.  Only approximately 200 hikers have completed this hike since its inception in 2006, a group of wilderness lovers some of whom still say its the best experience of their life.  The average age is 55 but many a 70 year old have completed it too.

The hike is distinctive.  A maximum of only 24 hikers are accepted to do the hike each year. You hike in style as your main pack is transported and you only carry a small day pack consisting of lunch and gear for wet-weather. At the end of a hiking day your safari tent is set-up, with a cold beverage waiting for you. Delicious and hearty meals are prepared by a bush chef.  As far as possible only ethical free range meat,  and local products are sourced in line with the conservation ethic of Eden to Addo.

If you need more information about the Eden to Addo Great Corridor Hike from 1st – 22nd September 2018, you can find it on the website: There are still places available.