banking biodiversity

Invest in protected land in South Africa

Wilderness is a rare commodity, a valuable asset that can only increase its value with time. Once lost it is not possible to make it again.

If you have an interest in wilderness, conservation and biodiversity and seek exposure to long term capital growth, as biodiversity is restored, then it’s time to consider purchasing a property in the Eden to Addo Corridor. It is the most biodiverse corridor on earth.

We have a number of exceptional properties available to purchase in areas that could mimic the plains of Kenya.  Wild life abounds here. It is solitary, with wide open spaces. Imagine how much more wild life will flourish here with protection and restoration.  And it’s not just an isolated entity but part of a much bigger picture linking three mega reserves.

If you are prepared to purchase a property, E2A will protect it for you by declaring it a nature reserve.  The protection is not just for its biodiversity, but also against possible mining and more. It comes with some possible tax benefits. Here  we will refer you to the tax experts.

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