Thank you Helga Hill for your Kind Donation

Eden to Addo thanks Helga Hill for her kind donation!

Within the fynbos biome occur the cyclopia intermedia, a legume from the Fabaceae family It is cut, dried and fermented to make delicious, healthy honeybush tea. Unfortunately, its value has become such that it is widely poached, and we suspect that it is poached in the Eden to Addo Skilderkrantz Corridor,  which we declared a nature reserve.

We have to travel for many kilometers into the mountains over rough terrain and past steep ascents to check on the poaching of our protected fynbos. And for that, we need diesel in our tank.

Without donations such as yours Helga, we are unable to fill up our tank.

Helga Hill  |  2008 Eden to Addo Great Corridor Hiker.

The best way to help us is to join The Eden to Addo Great Corridor Hike. It is an expedition for and about conservation. Alternatively, we welcome donations like Helga’s, every amount received makes a difference.