Join Eden to Addo and Ian Michler for a discussion on humanities effect on the environment, the Anthropocene. 12th October, Plettenberg Bay.

By attending the Anthropocene discussion with Ian Michler, you will be involved in debating one of the greatest challenges humanity has ever faced: that of trying to live sustainably.  The science is clear; we cannot continue with our current living patterns. And the challenge is even clearer; we have no option but to transition our societies. The big concern however is whether we as a species are able to change our ways, and if so, how best do we do this.

Ian Michler is currently enrolled at Stellenbosch University doing a Masters in Sustainable Development. As a Director of Eden to Addo and the Conservation Action Trust, he is also actively involved in conservation, and through his company Invent Africa, a contributor to ecotourism across the African continent.  He is a regular writer on issues involving conservation, wildlife management, ecotourism, and the environment in general.

The Anthropocene is an epoch which is increasingly being used by scientists and environmentalists to describe the current time period. . And this is because of the impact humans are having on the planet.  Unlike previous epochs, this is the first time in the history of our planet that one species dominates to the extent they are altering every life system.

We know we have to change, and living sustainably  should matter to each and every one of us living on Earth. It may seem hard to alter our ways, , however, we can start with one small thing we can do differently. And If we can be consistent we’ll soon discover that our combined efforts will  give momentum to the global efforts towards achieving true sustainability.

Join Eden to Addo and Ian Michler for an insightful presentation and hopefully a lively discussion on this complex topic. And bring your spouse, neighbour, community leader, or a friend and be involved. Check our Facebook event. A sustainable buffet dinner will be available after the discussion at 7.30pm at R140.00 per person

Friday 12 October 2018
Plettenberg Bay
6:00pm – 8:30pm
Pay at the door. Buffet R140.00 + optional donation.
Sky Villa Boutique Hotel

During the lecture Eden to Addo will also be giving a short update on the Great Corridor Hike 2018!